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Technological objects

Technical data of the main equipment

Gas turbine generator unit

The manufacturer is a sub company of General Electric - Nuovo Pignone; Consist of:

Gas Turbine - Model: GE PG9161E:

  • The rated output is 116.9 MW;
  • Efficiency, not less than - 31.8%;
  • Type of fuel - natural gas;
  • Starting system - electric motor;
  • The total output at the generator terminals is 80.8-112.4 MW;
  • Fuel consumption - 30777-34455 n/m3

Generator - Model: TA30-268 GEC Alstom:

  • Output power - 110 MVA;
  • Voltage - 11.5 kV;
  • Rated current - 5522А;
  • Rated speed - 3000 rpm;
  • Current frequency - 50Hz.

Container unit of protection and control systems of turbine, generator, auxiliary equipment

This unit is performed in a modular design. To exclude the influence of climatic conditions and to reduce the noise impact, the unit is placed in noise-proof enclosures of the container type.

The work of the unit is fully automated.

  • Switchgear 6kV (SG-6kV)
  • Switchgear 0,4kV (SG-0,4kV);
  • Emergency diesel generator.

Gas supply system includes:

  • Supply pipeline - the branch line from “Soyuz” main pipeline, the length is 3.1 km., pipe diameter is 500 mm, working pressure is 7.5 MPa, maximum capacity is -450 million m3/year;
  • Unit of filtration, heating, reduction and gas metering (AGDS);
  • In-site gas pipeline to GTU, working pressure is 2,5 MPa, productivity - 100,000 m3/h

Auxiliary buildings and structures

Besides, power plant also includes the following buildings and structures:

  • Admin building - 325 m3, in a modular design;
  • Mechanical workshops - 540 m3
  • System of fire water supply, with two storage tanks;
  • Fire Guard House for two cars;
  • Engineering networks for the supply of portable water, as well as system for wastewater disposal.

Technological connection to Interregional Electric Grids: GTPP-200 URALSK – SS Stepnaya 200 kV.